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We're proud to present Riversurf, the only one known (at least for me) watch application to track your standing wave sessions.

Riversurf is a smartwatch app (currently for Garmin) to monitor your river surfing sessions in rapids, wave pools, Citywave, Eisbach or wherever you find a standing wave.


The app logs the following data (if your watch supports it):

Garmin Epix2
Garmin Forerunner 955
Garmin Instinct2 Surf
GPS location

Known where are you surfing

Session duration

How long was your session

Number of waves surfed

How many waves were you surfing

Meters on the wave

How many meters on the waves

Time on the wave

How many time are you spent on the waves

Lap per wave

Detailed lap per each wave you was ride

Heart rate

Known your heart rate

Blood oxygen saturation

And your blood oxigen saturation

Maximum speed reached

How fast you ride

Average speed

Session speed average


Weather conditions

Atmospheric pressure

Could be rain?

With all this, it registers the activity so that you can have a reference of what your sessions are like, which ones have you taken advantage of the most and, in general, clear information on the activity carried out.

Web services


Now you can register, pair your device and your sessions will be sent to the web when they finish.

We start with a new service to pair your devices and enjoy visualizing all your sessions in the same place. Also to be able to contact other users on the platform.


Check them on your mobile or desktop, see the waves you took, their duration, speed, manage your devices and much more.


Do you like how it looks like?
Login or Register and start building the only one river surf platform!

Where to find

At this moment, you can find this watch application in Garmin Connect IQ.

Coming soon others options for wearOS, iOS, etc.


View all Garmin compatible devices

Brands involved with the project

Special thanks to our media sponsors who helps to share the project into the community


Currently the application is completely free although you can help its development by inviting me to a coffee :)


Also we did some merchan on RedBubble in order to promote the app.


If you have questions or want more information you can use this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you want to sponsor the app? We will be delighted to count on you!

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